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My name is William Sheahan and I'm a fine jewelery designer.

William Sheahan began designing jewelry by hand in his garage on a homemade work bench in 1984. This year William Sheahan Designs, Inc., celebrated its 29th anniversary in custom design, production, sales and repair of fine custom jewelry.

Formerly known as Forward Designs, William Sheahan Designs now has a showroom in the historic Snider Plaza Shopping Area.


As one of the first jewelers in Dallas to use a laser welder, CAD design software, and rapid prototyping machinery, we create jewelry like a large manufacturer, but in a custom and personal way.

With our combined experience and use of technology, our customers notice our difference immediately. Over the years, we have grown because of our happy, satisfied customers. Our team looks forward to continued growth through referrals, word-of-mouth, and e-commerce. We are dedicated to helping you fulfill your fine jewelry dreams.

The William Sheahan Story

After working at a local Dallas jewelry store for two years as a master repairer and stone setter, William knew he could do more. By creating William Sheahan Designs, Inc., his goal was to become one of the industry’s leading trade shops. He knew how rare it was to incorporate wax carving, custom jewelry repair, and manufacturing. For many years, William provided a great deal of trade work to the retail industry while based out of the World Trade Center in Dallas.

In the early 1980s, William was early working with platinum, before it became popular again for jewelry. Because of his ability and knowledge regarding platinum, he was chosen to work with many high-end retailers such as Tiffany, Fred Joaillier, Cartier, Neiman-Marcus, and more. Over the years, William Sheahan Designs has employed and trained some of the finest jewelers and support team in the jewelry industry.

All over the world, people enjoy the fine jewelry made at William Sheahan Designs.

We design heirlooms.

William Sheahan

Our Team

We are dedicated to help make beautiful memories.

William Sheahan
Owner and Designer

William grew up in Wisconsin and moved to Dallas in 1981. His first job in Dallas was building armored cars. On the weekends, he watched a friend working as a bench jeweler and he was intrigued. The friend hired William and paid him $1 an hour. After two years, William made more commission than his friend could pay so he started his own jewelry company out of his garage. Today, in his free time, William rides motorcycles and spends time with his two daughters.

Bench Jeweler

Master Jeweler with 22 years of experience. Specializes in custom pieces, fabrication, stone setting and repairs, from the most modest items to the highest quality jewels.

  • I can not say enough about Bills Work. This is an amazing Jeweler. He rebuilt my wedding ring and it is by far more beautiful than when we bought it. Do not hesitate to call him.

    Jill Kleiber Deschaine · Dallas Texas, USA
  • So recommend Bill. He does great work, not to mention, such a nice person!!!!!

    Michelle McMennamy Scott · Dallas Texas, USA


What We Do

William Sheahan Designs is your one-stop-shop for complete jewelry production. From beginning concept sketches to final production, we are dedicated to remain masters of our trade in all respects. We offer a superior repair service, deliver concrete solutions and provide quick turn around for any issue. Learn more about our services.

What we offer

3D Renderings

There is no better way to realize your dream design but with the power of options assisted and produced by William Sheahan Designs. Our photo-realistic renderings of 3-D CAD-designed models look like photographs of actual jewelry. Our in-house production includes: wax carving, mold creation, precious metal casting, laser welding, CAD jewelry design, rapid prototyping, professional setting and finishing.

Custom Designs

Here at William Sheahan Designs, we pride ourselves on combining the latest in technology with fine craftsmanship. Using pictures, client discussions, and specialized computer software, the designer creates a CAD model of the new ring. After approval of the design, the model is readied for printing on a rapid prototyping machine which prints out a high-definition wax of the life-sized ring. Using a lost wax casting process, the wax model is cast in the metal of your choice. The casting is set with gemstones and expertly finished.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping machines are the next step in CAD design. They take the designer’s work on a computer and turn it into a physically tangible, life-size model ready for casting. At William Sheahan Designs, we utilize two different rapid prototyping systems to ensure each design is produced with the best detail possible.


William Sheahan Designs provides two copies of an appraisal of value for all jewelry fabricated or assembled. One copy is for the customer’s personal records, and one copy is for the customer’s insurer. We recommend insurance for all jewelry above $5,000.00 and encourage customers to talk with their insurance agent to make good decisions about what to insure. Items purchased elsewhere or supplied by the customer can be appraised for a fee.

Hand Engraving

At William Sheahan Designs, we are committed to keeping it alive so your jewelry can exhibit this highly skilled treatment. We offer gift & jewelry engraving to our customers. Jewelry with a special or unique statement makes the jewelry piece even more meaningful. Add your initials or message. The engravings will last forever.

Watch Repair

Whether it is as simple as replacing the battery or as involved as a complete overhaul on your Rolex, we can get your timepiece back on track. We can also help with new watch straps and bracelets; watch crystal repair and replacement; and, diamond dials, diamond bezels, links, and bracelets for your Rolex.


William Sheahan Designs provides a model made by traditional wax carving or by rapid prototyping. Our processes and techniques give you the best possible quality of casting. We offer all castings: Platinum, Palladium, 18 karat (white, yellow, and rose gold), 14 karat (white, yellow, and rose gold) and Sterling Silver.

Jewelry Repair

With master bench jewelers on premise, we repair and refurbish your broken or worn jewelry in a timely and professional fashion. In fact, most repairs are completed in just two-to-five business days. No repair is complete without first being refinished top-to-bottom, and inspected for precise quality. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

For Designers

At the highest level of quality through design, fine craftsmanship, fashion and experience, we are on the cutting edge of jewelry manufacturing. Our in-house production includes wax carving, mold creation, precious metal casting, laser welding, 3D CAD jewelry design, rapid prototyping, professional setting and finishing. There is no better way to realize your dream design but with the power of options assisted and produced by William Sheahan Designs.

Corporate Logos

William Sheahan Designs can turn your corporate logo artwork into a lapel pin, pendant, tie tack, charm, or key chain. Promote your company with the flair of fine jewelry. Let your imagination go wild and add color or sparkle to the corporate world.

Machine Engraving

Engraving inside rings and other jewelry pieces is something William Sheahan Designs does often, but did you know we also engrave metal drinkware and serving pieces? Bring your mementos to us and we will add the personal touch of engraving.

Additional Services

We are here to serve you. William Sheahan Designs will work with you to design and create the prefect piece for any occasion. Simply contact us.
Our most common repair requests, but not limited to: ring sizing and special ring fittings; chain and clasp repair; prong retipping and channel rebuilding; missing diamond or colored stone replacement; laser welding for jobs with delicate stones, filigree, emeralds, or opals
remount services for your out-of-date piece.

For more information or to inquire about a custom design piece... Contact Us Today!

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